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NEW SCHEDULE June 1/14 - Northway is operating under a new flight schedule as of June 1st. Please check the schedule to the right to confirm the NEW departure time for your flight. Please call our office if you have any questions at 204-339-2310 or 1-888-667-8492. Please call for Poplar River flight times. Please note flights into Pauingassi and Little Grand Rapids Community (dockside) are not available during spring break up or fall freeze up.

Northway Aviation provides flights to the First Nation communities of Bloodvein River, Berens River, Poplar River, Little Grand Rapids (airport and community), Pauingassi (seasonally), Deer Lake, North Spirit Lake, Poplar Hill and Keewaywin.

Our fleet of Cessna Caravans (on wheels and amphib floats) provides safe and reliable transportation in comfort. We are based at the St. Andrews Airport on Highway #8 only a few miles north of the City of Winnipeg.

You can rely on us to provide the same reliable and safe service that we have been providing for over 50 years!

Please contact us for passenger, cargo or charter flight information toll free at 1-888-NORTHWAY (1-888-667-8492) or in Winnipeg call us direct at 204-339-2310.

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Morning Flights
St Andrews 08:00 Little Grand Airport
Little Grand Airport
09:15 Keewaywin 10:00
Keewaywin 10:15 North Spirit Lake
North Spirit Lake 10:45 St. Andrews
St. Andrews
08:00 Berens River
Berens River
09:15 Bloodvein River
Bloodvein River 09:45 St. Andrews 10:30  
St. Andrews
09:00 Little Grand Comm
Little Grand Comm
10:00 St. Andrews
St. Andrews
09:00 Pauingassi 10:00
St. Andrews 11:15
St. Andrews 11:00 Berens River 12:00  
Berens River 12:15 St. Andrews 13:15  
Afternoon Flights
St Andrews 13:00 Deer Lake 14:15
Deer Lake 14:30 Poplar Hill 15:00
Poplar Hill 15:15 St. Andrews 16:15
St. Andrews 13:30 Little Grand Comm
Little Grand Comm
14:30 St. Andrews 15:45
St. Andrews 13:30 Pauingassi 14:30
Pauingassi 14:45 St. Andrews 15:45
St. Andrews 14:00 Berens River 15:00  
Berens River 15:15 Bloodvein River 15:30  
Bloodvein River 15:45 St. Andrews 16:45  

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